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Our Vision

Libertas per cultum, encapsulates what we strive to give our students.

Future Academies is a unique family of schools with the very highest aspirations for the students in our care. Our motto,“Libertas per Cultum”, is the clearest distillation of our vision for education. We believe that education is an empowering and emancipatory force, that it possesses the capacity to equip young people with two kinds of freedom: freedom from and freedom to. This is to say, the knowledge-rich education we provide to our students is designed to grant them freedom from economic and social deprivation, freedom from prejudice and freedom from ignorance. Accordingly, this education also endows them with the freedom to choose, the freedom to question and the freedom to reason.

We believe in pitching our lessons high and carefully scaffolding to ensure that every student can access every lesson. We believe in lessons that engage and challenge, delivered by research-informed and highly knowledgeable practitioners. We therefore recruit dynamic teachers with a passion for their subject, a love of learning and a desire to develop their own subject knowledge.

We are extremely proud of our excellent outcomes and almost perfect employment rates. Our alumni have experienced rapid career progression with many successfully securing roles as Heads of Departments, Heads of Years and Curriculum Writers within several years of completing the programme.


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Teacher Training

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Future Teacher Training

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