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The SCITT Team


Natalie Parker, Head of Initial Teacher TRAINING & Future Academies Professional Development Lead

Natalie is Head of Initial Teacher Training, and Professional Development Lead for Future Academies and has a background in Maths and Economics teaching.

Natalie oversees the delivery of our training programme, regularly sourcing expert teachers to lead sessions to our trainee teachers with a particular focus on sharing evidence-informed practice. She has a background in teacher education, having worked on teacher training projects in several countries alongside acting as an associate tutor for the Teach First programme. She has an MA in Educational Leadership from the Institute of Education with a focus on continuing professional development. 


Sherelle is Primary SCITT Lead at Future Teacher Training. She brings to the team significant experience and knowledge of Primary education from a range of settings. Within school, Sherelle has held Senior Leadership positions including leading on Teaching and Learning and core curriculum areas.

Sherelle is passionate about developing and inspiring others through extending their understanding and effectiveness. She has responsibility for all of the primary elements of the programme including the delivery of the training programme for trainees and overseeing their support and mentoring in school. Sherelle works closely with the Head of SCITT to support the vision and the development of the programme.


 Joanna James, Deputy SCITT Lead

Jo is Deputy Lead of Initial Teacher Training at Future Teacher Training. An MFL teacher with over a decade of experience in the classroom, she was Head of Languages for four years before moving into Senior Leadership as Assistant Principal for Teaching and Learning at one of the country's top performing state schools.

She has an MA in Education and is passionate about all things teaching, learning and curriculum. She oversees the London Secondary trainees, monitoring their progress and wellbeing. Furthermore, she works closely with Natalie on the delivery of the ITT curriculum through the Professional Studies sessions.

Debbie Shannon, Hertfordshire ITT Lead 

Debbie is Hertfordshire Lead of Initial Teacher Training at Future Teacher Training. She initially trained in PE and English and in recent years retrained in maths, culminating in over 23 years of teaching delivery in the classroom. Debbie also brings over 16 years of leadership experience as subject and pastoral leads, as well as 8 years of senior leadership where she was responsible for Teaching and Learning, staff wellbeing and safeguarding. She values above all things the development of staff, ensuring teachers and support staff have the necessary skills and resources to complete their roles to the best of their ability. Debbie oversees the Hertfordshire trainees and supports the delivery of the Professional Studies. Additionally, Debbie oversees Assessment Only applications, recruitment, and development of NQTs within the Future Academy Trust.

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