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Our Partner Schools

Future Teacher Training is part of Future Academies, a family of seven schools which has built a reputation for achieving the highest standards for all its pupils. We believe the most effective way to experience all aspects of school life is to be based in a host school throughout the year.

The schools we work with are child-centred organisations that work together to implement a knowledge-rich curriculum that transforms children’s lives and overcomes any barriers they face.

Future Academies

Secondary Schools

Barclay Academy 

Barclay Academy is Future Academies’ newest academy, having recently opened on a leafy and spacious site in Stevenage. 

We have set the foundations in place for the academy to become a place that offers an exceptional standard of education for the children of the local community. 

You will be joining the new academy at an exciting time as it embeds new approaches in teaching, and instils an aspirational culture from which all students will benefit.

Find out more about Barclay Academy by visiting their website.

Laureate Academy 

Laureate Academy is on a leafy and spacious site in Hemel Hempstead.

Working at this academy will provide an exciting opportunity to work with other staff to continue to establish a new and exciting school which aims to provide an exceptional standard of education to the community.

You will work under the guidance of an excellent senior leadership team to enrich their curriculum and provide all students with the knowledge and tools they need to be successful.

Find out more about Laureate Academy by visiting their website.

Pimlico Academy

Pimlico Academy boasts a state of-the-art building, exceptional facilities and serves a diverse community of students very successfully. The exam outcomes for 2017/18 placed Pimlico Academy in the top 10% of schools in the country for pupil progress. Pimlico Academy was judged to be an Outstanding school by Ofsted in December 2010. Inspectors noted the provision of ‘high quality of educational opportunities for all students to excel’, ‘outstanding progress of students’, an ‘excellent pastoral system’ and ‘respectful, exemplary behaviour’. The basics – literacy, numeracy and positive conduct – underpin every lesson.

Find out more on the academy’s website.

Phoenix Academy 

Phoenix Academy joined Future Academies in September 2016. Phoenix is a vibrant, multicultural school committed to enhancing the life chances of all its learners. Phoenix Academy made huge improvements this year in its GCSE results where its students performed very well across the board with 54% of students passing both their English and Maths GCSEs this year.

Results in computing were, on average, 30% above national figures with almost twice the percentage of students gaining a Grade 5+ as the national average. In Physics, almost 60% of the cohort achieved a Grade 7-9, A-A* in old money. Outstanding results in History meant that more Phoenix students achieved a grade 7-9 in 2018 than achieved a pass in 2017. Students that studied Religious Studies or Citizenship achieved almost a grade above their targets on average.

As testament to this fantastic achievement, Phoenix Academy was named the most improved school in London in 2018.

In February 2019, Phoenix Academy was inspected by Ofsted, which judged it to be ‘Good’ across all areas.

Primary Schools

Churchill Gardens Primary Academy 

Churchill Gardens Primary Academy is a popular one-form entry school with committed and dedicated staff who work with families to develop independent lifelong learners and responsible citizens. Churchill Gardens was rated ‘Good’ during its last Ofsted inspection.

Find out more on the academy’s website.

Millbank Academy 

Millbank Academy is a two-form entry primary school offering an excellent education characterised by a first-rate curriculum and the rigour of high-quality teaching. Millbank Academy was rated ‘Outstanding’ during its last Ofsted inspection.

Find out more on the academy’s website.

Pimlico Primary 

Pimlico Primary is a free school that opened in September 2013. Pimlico Primary is a new school in a new building; and it sets a new standard in primary school education, with subjects engagingly introduced from the first year in school. In the grounds of Pimlico Academy, it has light and spacious classrooms, a library, a gym hall, sheltered outdoor play areas, a roof terrace and ‘the Lab’, a special room dedicated to art and science.

Pimlico Primary was judged Outstanding by Ofsted in 2015.

Find out more on the academy’s website.

Other schools within our partnership

There are also several other schools that we work with to deliver teacher training, and where you could be working as part of your placement.

Trinity Academy Brixton 

Find out more about the academy on their website.

West London Free School

From its foundation in 2011, the West London Free School has been at the forefront of education, both locally and nationally. The school has a distinct and very clear ethos, which is to provide a classical liberal education for pupils of all backgrounds, emphasising scholarship and academic excellence.

The curriculum is rich and knowledge-based and ensures that all the pupils are provided with an education that includes the materials and methods of the great scholars, thinkers and academics.  Pupils learn how to study with rigour, diligence and application, so that they can study, absorb and understand their subjects at increasingly challenging levels as they progress through the school.

Find out more about them on the school's website.

Tri-Borough Alternative Provisions 

Tri-Borough Alternative Provisions (TBAP) MAT is a network of schools that delivers alternative provision education in West London. Over the last three years it has undergone rapid and impressive growth to become the leading Multi-Academy Trust of its type in the country. There is a dynamic, forward-thinking staff team which has always striven to deliver the best possible outcomes for their learners. TBAP’s belief is that all children have the potential to become successful adults. Strong and healthy relationships with the learners and with each other mean that staff really know the learners and their needs and can ensure success is achieved by providing exactly the right support.

Applications for trainees who wish to be placed full-time in one of the TBAP schools will be managed by TBAP in conjunction with Future Teacher Training. To find out more, please visit the TBAP website.


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